On Tuesday the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) released their statistical findings for the year of 2009. The report stated that 245 fatalities had been caused by traffic accidents, a tremendous drop from years previous.  The Salt Lake Tribune commented that the last time fatalities were this low in Utah gas cost 60 cents a gallon and you could purchase a new car for $4,000.  Although the days of 1970 along with its cheap gas cars are long gone, the statistics show that and driver safety and competency are not.  

Utah Highway Patrolmen Sgt. Jeff Nigbur said, “It is hard to say for sure what has helped reduce the number of fatalities, but promoting seat belt use and educating high school students about not driving impaired has helped lower this year’s fatal car crash number. Also, seat belt and DUI blitzes have been effective.”

Seeing this years report is exciting because it says that people are paying more attention when they’re driving which leads to less serious accidents.  However, the statistics do not point out that the number of accidents and accident injuries has decreased.  The unfortunate reality about that fact is that many people are still wondering around after they’ve been in an accident with injuries they may not even be aware of.  If you or a loved one has been in a Utah car accident contact Dr. Dirk Woomdansee, West Jordan auto accident injury physician, to find out what kind of injuries may be masking themselves and inhibiting your body’s ability to function and how to begin treating them immediately. It’s your life…live it in health!