Did you know that between Utah and Salt Lake County there had been 155 accidents, 20 slide offs, 11 injuries, and one injured Highway Patrolman in the last 2 days. KSL News reports that the storm may have moved on, but the traffic nightmare has not. (read more)

Those involved in accidents were reported as not wearing their seat belts, resulting in serious injuries. Ever time some one is injured, a tropper has to go with them to the hospital, pulling them away from the roads. Utah Highway Patrolman Jeff Nigbur said, “We only have some much manpower out here to cover crashes and respond to them ina timely manner.” Injuries must me avoided at all costs by responsible driving habits.

Unfortunately a number of injuries can result from a car accident. Injuries range from broke bones to misaligned vertebrae, to sprained muscles. One of the most common we see is whiplash. Whiplash is caused when a car collides and the impact jolts the neck abck and forth causing sprained muscles, ruprtured discs, and a lot of pain. Symptoms can begin to manifest themselves anywhere from seconds after the accident too weeks later.

If you or a loved one has been involved in one these Utah car accidents you know how important it is to be up and moving with your family for the holiday season. West Jordan car accident injury doctor, Dirk Woodmansee, is one o Utah’s most experienced physicians in treating whiplash, back, and neck pain, resulting from car accidents. To get back up on your feet contact us today for a free exam and set of x-rays. It’s your life live it in health.