Should all electronic devices be banned from automobiles?


An attorney from Georgia recently published an article discussing the implications of texting while driving. Many states across the United States have now passed laws banning texting while driving. Consequences are severe and almost every

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Whiplash on I-15


Fox 13 News reported a  multi-car accident left I-15 shut today and significant injuries.  A 70 year-old man driving a Mazda around 10 AM this morning nearly hit a truck, over corrected, and unfortunately slammed

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Salt Lake Accident Attorney on Whiplash.


In the 2010 May issue of Salt Lake Accident Injury Law Firm Newsletter, Mr. Sore from Sandy asked Attorney Christensen the following question. "I was rear-ended recently, but didn't feel any pain right away.  Now

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Drivers Ed Car involved in Fatal Accident!


Driver's Ed students in a car on I-15 thought that Tuesday afternoon would bring one more quiet drive with their instructor on the way to their driver's licenses.  However, the day brought tragedy with it.  As the driver's ed vehicle was

Drivers Ed Car involved in Fatal Accident!2020-01-15T12:08:43-07:00

Can Chiropractic Help Children?


On Mother's day a tragic accident took place when a 1-year-old died after she was hit by a car. She was playing on the grass with her two cousins. When the cousins left for a

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Drowsiness: Fatal Killer


You've seen them.  The signs and the commercials pleading with people not to drive drowsy. The State of Utah has created a huge campaign on not driving while your drowsy.  Nothing could have driven the

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Utah is Tough on Texting and Driving


Many have legitimately wondered what has caused the sharp campaign for banning texting and driving in Utah.  However, this attitude doesn't appear to be just a Utah thing, it's sweeping the nation.  The New York

Utah is Tough on Texting and Driving2020-01-15T12:08:47-07:00
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