Cold laser therapy is fairly new  in the treatment of neck, shoulder and low back pain, as well as other physical ailments. I use laser therapy  daily in my practice, with remarkable results.  Many of my patients ask me how  cold laser therapy works, and what  the potential applications for this type of therapy are.   Let me offer the following information:

The short version of a long explanation is basically that cold lasers emit a frequency that “speak” to cells in the body.  This excites the cells to stimulate DNA replication.   This stimulation results in increase physiological factors like stimulated blood flow, increase in mediators of pain, and increase in the healing process.  Other effects are increase in oxygen and nutrient flow to the injured or problem area.  Congestion occurs with pain, which decreases blood flow, and increasing that flow is very important in promoting healing.

In my practice, laser treatment has been very successful with many conditions.  It is a safe, painless  therapy that I use every day in conjunction with chiropractic treatments.  I have seen it work in treatment of auto accident generated pain, osteoarthritis, temporary paralysis of facial muscles after trauma from auto accidents, plantar fascitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ, shingles, deep bruising, rotator cuff strain and sprain, just to mention a few  conditions. I have personally noticed increased ranges of motion after the application of laser in conjunction with chiropractic treatment as well.  It is important to note that cold laser treatments do not “cure” anything, but allow the body to heal itself through the natural stimulation of cells.

In July of 2000, 100 patients were recruited to participate in a double blind, randomized study  to determine two factors: control of minor neck and shoulder pain, and range of motion after treatments with a cold laser.   Success in the study was determined by 30% improvement or better per patient.  In the test group, 90% of subjects met this minimum standard of success in this study. 

The conclusion of the study was as follows: “The result of our clinical study strongly support the use of the Erchonia laser (cold laser) for single-use pain relief for patients with chronic pain in the neck or shoulder areas originating from the conditions of osteoarthritis, muscle spasms, and cervical and thoracic spine strain

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