I found this description and plea for help surfing the internet earlier this week in a forum for back pain. This description is a text book example of why it is so necessary for car accident individuals to realize that although they may not be feeling any pain, and there may not be any explicit symptoms they could still have serious injuries.

“I was in a car accident and was rear-ended by a car that was going about 30 mph. I took Motrin for 2 weeks straight afterward, because my neck and shoulders hurt a lot, and my back did a little too. Then I went to the doctor (while on Motrin) 2 weeks after the accident, and he said I was fine, and I felt relatively fine so I stopped taking Motrin. Now (4 weeks after the accident), I have terrible back pain / pain in my shoulder blades. I’m a teenager, so I should have healed relatively fast, but the pain is back. I’ve been taking Motrin for 2 days, and it helps a little. However, the pain mostly occurs after carrying around a 30 lb backpack at school. (But, I had no problems with the same 30 lb backpack that I’ve been carrying for 3 years.) The doctor has said sometimes whiplash disappears and re-appears after months or even years. Is this back pain the whiplash coming back?” (Read More)

 Whiplash can be a deceptive injury.  You can have an injury and then have it disappear for months, weeks, or days.  Sometimes car accident injuries, especially whiplash, won’t even manifest them until a week to months after the accident.  When whiplash injuries are present it can interfere with the circulation of information from the nerves to the brain.  So, it’s like cutting communication in the midst of attack, if the guy in charge can’t figure out where he needs to send help, it won’t get there.  If you’ve been in a car accident we recommend that you see a chiropractor today to get the brain to nerve communication restored so the body can begin to heal the way it was designed to.  Contact Dr. Dirk Woodmansee today.  He is not only one of Utah’s leading physicians in the field of accident injury chiropractics, he provides treatment that makes sense.