Does decompression therapy hurt?


No it does not. This therapy only pulls at 30-35% of your total body weight. This is a light enough pull not to be uncomfortable but enough to decompress the disc and start the healing

Does decompression therapy hurt?2017-06-12T04:54:08-07:00

Is decompression covered by my insurance?


Decompression therapy unfortunately is not covered by Insurance, but we will use this therapy in conjunction with other treatments in our office that are covered by your insurance, which allows us to make this Decompression

Is decompression covered by my insurance?2017-06-12T04:53:27-07:00

How long does relief from the decompression last?


Depending on the severity of the case, the time frame will different. The most important thing to understand is that the disc is being compressed due to the abnormal posture. Correcting your posture after decompression

How long does relief from the decompression last?2017-06-12T04:52:47-07:00

How much does each session cost?


Depending on the corrective care plan that you choose in our office, the cost can typically range from $50-$75 per session. We will always work with you to make this as affordable as possible.

How much does each session cost?2017-06-12T04:52:10-07:00
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