Connection 2 Utah news recently reported that many Utahns are looking for a more holistic approach to health care.  So often we recognize that we have some kind of symptom.  Most people would go to the doctor to be treated for the symptom.  Does that really help anything?  If the symptoms briefly stop, does that actually prevent the cause of the problem?  

Dr. Wheeler of the new University of Utah pilot program says no.  “When someone comes in to talk to me about depression, I need to consider what else is going on in their life… There may be something going on at home that may be making them more depressed, but we need to deal with some of those issues, not just give them a pill.”  Pills are not always the answer, finding the root of the problem and treating the problem is the answer.

Dr. Dirk Woodmansee of the Midvalley Chiropractic Clinic follows this method.  Constant headaches, sickness, tingling in the hands, depression, and a number of other things can be caused by disruption in the spine.  Simply being treated with a pain killer, anti-depressant, or anti-biotic is not going to solve your problems.  Getting to the root of the disruption between your body and the brain is where attention should be focused.  We here at the Midvalley Chiropractic Clinic talk about over all wellness, we talk about it because the health of the spine doesn’t just fix back pain, it fixes immunity problems, depression, anxiety, and sickness.  If you can keep your spine in a healthy posture, you can keep your self healthy.

To learn more about what Dr. Dirk can do for you, contact us today.  It’s your life… live it in health!