Utah Back Pain Physician Dr Dirk Woodmansee Talks About Causes

In his recent published work, Low Back Pain, Part I, Utah back pain physician, Dr. Woodmansee, stated that 80% of people in the United States will experience back pain at least once in their life time. Pain in the back can be mild and yet totally restrictive and weakening. Pain can leave and return with out notice. Many people turn to traditional doctors to prescribe them Pain killers which unfortunately only provide symptomatic relief.  The actual source of the pain is regularly left untreated and goes unchecked for long periods of time causing continual difficulty and discomfort. This is why when looking for a Utah back pain physician, you should carefully seek out an experienced chiropractor.

What Your Utah Back Pain Physician Can Do To Treat Low Back Pain

So what can you do to treat the cause of the pain and heal it? The first thing that you can do is seek out a great Utah back pain physician. Doctors of Chiropractic are trained in a technique called spinal manipulation. This technique calls for manipulation by the hands to place the spine back into its original position.  Utah back pain physician Dr Dirk Woodmansee is trained to do just that. Often times a slip and fall, an auto accident, sitting for too long with bad posture, and many other causes lead to misalignment in the spine.  Such misalignment if left unchecked can wreak havoc with your health.  Many people don’t know, but the spine houses the central nervous system.  Nerves run through out your body sending messages back and forth between the brain about problems and obstacles.  If these messages can’t get through to the brain the body can’t fight off infections, deal with stress, and maintain the homeostasis of the body. If you or a loved one is experiencing low back pain contact contact Utah back pain physician to schedule your free consultation and X-ray today.