The Deseret News reported that two men were playing speed games on I-15 Friday night.  One would speed up and get in front of the other and then slow down.  They repeated this irresponsible cutting off until one of the trucks tried to get in front of the other only to find that the truck behind it had not slowed down.  The truck from behind swerved to miss the vehicle in front of it only to role onto his hood.  The man, not wearing his seat belt, incurred a severe neck injury that required surgery. He had two young children with him ages 2 and 5.  The children were appropiately installed in their car seats; one received some cuts from the broken glass and the other was uninjured.

Because there were children involved in the accident, we would like to point out the necessity of being aware that injuries from auto accidents have a wide range of symptoms.  They can being anywhere from seconds after the accident to weeks later.  Damage caused to the spine due to sever impact or jolt causes interruption between the nerves and the brain that delays the bodies ability to heal and understand where the injuries are in the body.  Chiropractic is something that is not exclussively for adults.  If your child or a loved one has been inolved in a car accident we reccomend making an appointment today.  It’s not worth allowing unseen injuries to become aggravated with time.  Contact Dr. Dirk to find out how to being treating with your child today.  It’s your life… live it in health!