A Tuesday morning, March 9, 2010, three car accident left 4 people injured.  An eastbound suburban was turning north when it slammed into a Jeep headed westbound.  The Collision caused the suburban to collide with another stopped at the red light.  A 16-year-old girl fell or was ejected from suburban that was life flighted to the Intermountain Medical Center.  Three other occupants of the Jeep were taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital and police have yet to assign fault for the accident

So when you find yourself in this kind of situation what should be your concern and who is going to pay? There is good new and bad news.  The good news is that Utah is a “no fault” state.  “No Fault” legislation calls for every car on the road to have Personal Injury Protection benefits in their car insurance policy.  So, if you have car insurance you have immediate access to at least $3,000 to treat your injuries. If the accident is not you fault, when the at fault driver’s insurance takes liability they will reimburse your PIP expenditures and your premiums will not increase.

The bad news is that unseen injuries result from car accidents.  Injuries like whiplash, subluxation, ruptured spine discs, and the list goes on.  The impact of car collision can throw the spine out of its normal position, which inhibits or can stop the communication between the nerves and the brain altogether. The longer these injuries go untreated they become more aggravated.  So, don’t assume that just because your arm isn’t faling off or you don’t feel a lot of immediate pain that you aren’t seriously injured.

Dr. Dirk Woodmansee is an expert physician treating car accident injuries for over 12 years.  He is dedicated to hleping you get back to where you were before the accident.  If your body is not responding well to chiropractic treatment he will refer you to a specialist that will best meet your needs.  Contact Dr. Dirk today to get your free consultation and x-ray today.  It’s your life… live it in health.