According to KSL News Utah Highway Patrol is pleading with drivers to slow down in slick conditions.  Last night between Lindon and Orem a car going under the speed limit hit black ice and spun out of control.  The car traveled back and forth 3 times across all lanes of traffic.  The car finally stopped leaving no damage to private or public property and no one was injured.  This morning however, luck did not seem so prevalent.  All up and down the I-15 corridor accidents were clogging traffic both north and south bound.

“A four-car smash-up near 3900 South blocked traffic.  Troopers say a car was driving too fast, lost control, and flew across all lanes, hitting another car.  After that, a third car spun out of control.” Another accident close to 10600 South on I-15 saw a truck lose control and swerve into a bus full of LDS Missionaries.  The results of this mornings weather were closed roads and injured people.

Utah Highway Patrolman Chris Cox said, “I hope people will take time to check their tires, air pressures, slow down, and increase their following distance.” Troopers remind drivers that speed limits are for ideal conditions, it would be prudent to drive below the speed limit and give yourself enough time to get where you need to go.

In our experience the best medicine for any kind of injury is preventative.  In the slick conditions both today and forecasted for the rest of the week our advice is to be careful.  If however, you or a loved one has been in an accident rest assured that there is help out there.  For the best car accident physician contact Dr. Dirk Woodmansee; treating car injury accidents for years, he is one of the most experienced and caring physicians in Utah.