Before four-o-clock p.m. today the Utah Highway Patrol attended to more than 150 crashes in Salt Lake County alone, reported KSL News (read more).  Amidst the nefarious myriad of accidents today a woman helping an accident victim was killed. Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Robert Breck said, “As one of the people stopped to help got out of her vehicle, another vehicle slid into the back of her vehicle, crushing her between his truck and her car.”

The Utah Highway Patrol commented that the 30-year-old woman died on impact. “The people involved in the rollover received minor injuries. However, the chain reaction of crashes following the rollover included more than a dozen vehicles. Only minor injuries were reported.”

Car accidents are notoriously deceptive.  Many people walk out of their accidents without any apparently serious injuries and assume they don’t need any medical attention.  The jolt that accompanies the impact of auto collision can misalign the spine, inhibiting the bodies ability to send messages between the nerves throughout your body and your brain.  Without this vital pathway of communication the body can’t heal correctly. West Jordan auto injury physician, Dr. Dirk Woodmansee, has treated and rehabilitated car accidents victims for years.  Contact the Midvalley Chiropractic Clinic today to schedule your free consultation and x-ray.  It’s your life…live it in health.