Scottish research shows that posture exercises have a significant impact on migrain control.  Louise Kenny started having mirgrains at the age of 7, which put her in the hospital for days at a time.  As Louise grew she found that the migrains got more intense.  She couldn’t sit through tests, or lectures, and eventually had to drop out of the university.  This drop out and the constant hospital attendance threw her into depression.

She describes her situation saying, “I’d be a mess – constantly crying and screaming – so I’d have to go into hospital, even though there was nothing they could give me to make it go away. I’d be in hospital for three days at a time. I’ve had every medicine you could name. A lot of other things didn’t work and I started to take lots of painkillers but they didn’t work either.” (read more)

Lousie finally agreed to go see a chiropractor.  After and X-ray and visits a couple times a week the distance between the mirgrains went from 2 weeks to a month.  The intensity of the migrains decreased and her functionality and quality of life started to change significantly. She was happier. The regular treatment, coupled with Louise making sure her posture was correct, allowed her to graduate from Glasgow University and run her own fashion business. 

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