Utah is sending a powerful message to its citizens, DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE.  Utah legislator, Lyle Hillyard, told New York Times that texting is a willful act of negligence similar to drinking and driving. The new statute passed into Utah law in May states that being caught texting and driving could land you up to three months in jail.  “If you choose to drink and drive or if you choose to text and drive, you’re assuming the risk” said Hillyard. 

Several states have put a ban on texting and driving, but have labeled it a misdemeanor. Popular opinion says the penalty isn’t tough enough considering the facts.  A New York Times study states that the average texting driver focuses on his phone screen for more than 5 seconds.  A car traveling at 60 miles per hour could travel the length of an entire football field in that time.  The risk and danger is real and it’s something we should all think about twice before doing.

If you or a loved one has been victim to a texting accident you know how serious the repercussions can be.  The physical and emotional stresses can be overwhelming whether you were the one at fault or not.  West Jordan auto injury doctor, Dirk Woodmansee DC, has experience in helping car accident victims heal quickly so they can get back to normal life.  For a free massage and consultation contact us today at (801) 562-1531.  It’s your life, live it in health!