West Jordan Chiropractor Dirk Woodmansee can help treat your aches and pains in your leg muscles and ligaments?  If you are experiencing these pains, it might be because you have a problem with your hips.  Most people would never guess that imbalanced hips can cause havoc with your spine.  As Dr. Woodmansee put it, “If your hips are misaligned, your spine will have subluxations in it.”  There is no better chiropractor in West Jordan, Utah than Dr Woodmansee to address these pains.

Subluxations are disconnects or disruptions in the spinal chord.  The Spinal chord houses the nervous system and thus facilitates all the communication between your extremities and your brain.  If your nervous system is not functioning well your body can’t perform simple tasks like heal properly, respond to heat and cold, register pain, and many other simple tasks we take fore granted.  According to West Jordan Chiropractor Dirk Woodmansee, Spinal health is absolutely necessary to healthy life.

West Jordan Chiropractor Offers Pain Relief For Hip and Spine Pain


West Jordan Chiropractor

West Jordan Chiropractor

The hip and spine imbalance is evident many things.  For example does one foot flare out when you run or both feet? This is imbalance can also cause wear and tear to you hip joints, affect how easily or effortlessly you can walk an lead to arthritis and disc degeneration.  Spinal subluxations can also affect your internal organ health – prostate, bladder, intestines, kidneys and sexual organs. A visit to your West Jordan Chiropractor can help pinpoint this for you if you are experiencing these types of pains.


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If you or a loved one has noticed unusual strain on your ligaments, hips, muscles, or bones in your legs contact  the Utah Subluxation Doctor.  These symptoms could signal an imbalance in your walking patterns indicating a misalignment in your back.  Contact your West Jordan Chiropractor today at 801-562-1531 to set up your free consultation.