Dr. Woodmansee has had such a wide range of success with his patients that it continually expands the scope of what Chiropractic can do for the human body.  Take a look at what a few of our patients have described as the result of their treatment with Dr. Dirk.

“Dr. Woodmansee’s philsophy on treatment: He wants to fix or heal you and keep you that way so you don’t have to keep coming in for the rest of your life.”  – Laura L.

“I had suffered from severe neck and lower back pain with radiation of pain down my arms and legs, as well as chronic headaches for 10 years.  After treating with Dr. Woodmansee I can play with my kids and sit and do crafts without shooting headaches or pain.  I would highly recommend this clinic!  Just do it – give it a chance.  Be committed to better yourself and life will love you back!”  – Micaela B.

“When I first started coming to see Dr. Woodmansee I was overweight, suffering from depression, and had a devastating body from a twin birth with severe complications.  I had seen other doctors, invested in surgery, and had taken many different medications in order to try to relieve my condition, but nothing worked.  I enjoyed the education I received from Dr. Woodmansee as well as the friendship and the belief in a doctor who cares more about people than money.  Since my treatments, I have appreciated being alive so much more.  I feel like a spirit free from bondage.  Dr. Dirk is a special person with a unique love for people.” – Sherrie G.

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