Fox 13 News reported a  multi-car accident left I-15 shut today and significant injuries.  A 70 year-old man driving a Mazda around 10 AM this morning nearly hit a truck, over corrected, and unfortunately slammed into the barrier.  A black truck with several young men was on its way to lagoon when it was affected by the accident as well.  Sadly, another car trying to avoid all the stopping couldn’t avoid slamming into the same accident causing the slow down on the free way.

The 70 year-old man was flown to the hospital with what the Utah Highway Trooper called, “fairly sever injuries.” No one in the truck was injured.  Many accident victims suffer minor injuries and assume that a few bumps and bruises don’t merit a trip to the doctors office.  Regrettably they find themselves in a great deal of pain weeks or even months later.  Whiplash is an unseen pain causer that can wreak havoc with the body.

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