During the course of this month we have published several articles about car accidents that have transpired in the state of Utah.  One of the primary questions we get when car accidents victims contact us to get treatment is how they will pay for the treatment they need.  The answer 8 times out of 10 is P.I.P.

What is P.I.P.? PIP stands for Personal Injury Protection.  Because of the fine print in Insurance policies many clients don’t know that if they have car insurance they also have Personal Injury Protection coverage.  Utah is what is known as a “No Fault State.”  By law all auto insurance companies must include PIP coverage in their policies. So, if you have auto insurance you have PIP coverage.

Before “No Fault” was passed into Utah Law car accident victims would lay in the hospital waiting for the at fault drivers insurance to accept liability before doctors could treat their injuries.  This is unacceptable.  So, the Utah legislature created a base amount of coverage ($3,000) that any car accident victim has immediate access to from their own insurance.

The best news is that when the at fault drivers insurance accepts liability they will reimburse your insurance for the expenditures made under the PIP coverage and your premiums won’t increase. With this knowledge there is nothing to stop you from getting the treatment you need.  Contact, auto injury physician, Dr. Woodmansee, to schedule your free consultation and X-ray today.