The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Utah is beginning a “Zero Fatalities Campaign.” As part of a kick off yesterday at the Sugar House Library grieving families of 13 teenagers gathered together to share with fellow Utahn’s how easy it could have been to prevent the deaths of their children. In all 29 teenagers died in Utah in 2008, not all were caused by the teenagers, but a large enough percentage that the state is doing something about it. State agencies are publishing the stories of these 13 teenagers in a booklet called “Thirteen stories we’d rather not tell” in hopes to educate teens on the absolute necessity of safety including wearing seat belts and not texting while driving.

KSL News recently reported on a study placing a panel of social media experts on a driving simulator while they text-messaged. The results indicate that texting and driving is without doubt a risky combination. We here at Midvalley Chiropractic Clinic are dedicated to keeping you safe and healthy. If you have been involved in a texting accident we want to help. Auto injury physician, Dr. Dirk Woodmansee, has dedicated himself to the successful treatment of car accident victims for years. To start down the path of health and healing contact us today for a free exam and x-ray. It’s your life, live it in health!