If you’ve been watching Chiropractic advertising lately there have been a number of people who claim to be “auto accident specialists”, or an auto accident chiropractor. Well what does that mean, and how do I know for sure that its true and trust that they really are an auto accident chiropractor?  Some individuals believe that experience alone gives them enough understanding of the body to call themselves specialists.  In reality these people have no formal training and are not recognized by the medical community.  The terms specialist refers to credentials that have been earned and awarded by an “accredited medical chiropractic school.” For example: DABCO (Diplomate American Board of Chiropractic Orthopedics) someone with credentials from this school is designated a specialist by the profession. (read more)

Be Cautious Of Those That Claim To An Auto Accident Chiropractor Specialist

We caution you to be careful as you look for an auto accident chiropractor to treat you after you have been in a car accident.  There are those that would mislead you and put your body in more of mess than it already is.  As you search for an experienced auto accident chiropractor to help you heal look for credentials, look for what others have said about them, and look at the professionalism of their practice.  These 3 things are good indicators for a real live Auto Accident specialist.  It’s your life… live in health and contact us today, your trusted auto accident chiropractor who truly is a specialist, to begin treating you after your car accident.