The American Chiropractic Association reports the number one reason for missed work in America is back pain? They also report that the majority of causes for back pain are non-organic, meaning they are unnatural. While there are many possible causes of back pain, one we see the most is car accident related back pain. The majority of car accident victims don’t know that the pain they are experiencing is related to serious injuries caused by the collision of two motor vehicles. They let symptoms go by thinking they will soon pass with a little Advil, or ibuprofen. Unfortunately we don’t generally see car accident victims until long after their injuries have become far more aggravated, and some times permanent.

If you have been in a car accident you know how difficult it is to heal from the many injuries both physical and emotional. The physical limitations and time away from work are devastating. Working with an experienced car accident injury doctor can help you heal quickly and get back on your feet. Dirk Woodmansee DC, is a doctor dedicated to helping car accident victims get back to feeling normal so they can get on with their lives. Knowing your working with a doctor whose specialty is car accident injury will give you the peace of mind you need to focus your energies on healing. For a free massage and consultation contact us today at (801) 562-1531.