Do you find yourself exhausted and stressed out running around picking up kids, paying bills, paying taxes, working and all the other responsibilities that come with adult life?  So did Adrian Caspar.  Adrian, an accountant and father, found it particularly difficult to keep a healthy blood pressure with all the stresses his life brought with it.  It got so bad he eventually had to go on medication to keep his blood pressure at a manageable level.  He didn’t like the idea of taking medication for his condition so he went to a chiropractor.  

“After a few visits,” Caspar said, “my blood pressure was normal.”  If a bone is putting pressure on a nerve it is sending incorrect signals to the brain about the condition of the body and interferes with the hearts ability to function properly.  Chiropractic techniques allow the physician to locate the misaligned sections of the spine and adjust them back into their normal position.

Dr. George Bakris, University of Chicago blood pressure specialist, said this concept is a, “novel idea.”  In a small, carefully controlled study, two doctors using the same adjusting technique found miraculous changes in blood pressure in their clients, says Dr. Bakris. 

The National Institute of Health is conducting a similar study to prove that the results are authoritative.  As far as Caspar was concerned he didn’t wait see a study to find out that he felt better. “I just feel better, and better is the way to be.” (Read More)

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