Did you know that thDepartment of Defense Looks Into Chiropractic Caree Department of the Defense appropriated $7.5 million in its   fiscal budget this year for the implementation of chiropractic services into its health care system? This is the first time that Chiropractic has ever been included in the health care budget of the department of defense.


Chiropractic Study Looks Into Warfighters

The Chiropractic Clinical Trial Award is “intended to support the rapid implementation of clinical trials that examine the effect of chiropractic clinical treatment either exclusively or as an adjunct to other treatments on health concerns relative to the Warfighter [member of the Armed Forces], including non-surgical orthopaedic injury, pain management, smoking cessation, injury prevention, and enhancing fitness for duty.”

As discussion about health care continues to sweep the nation spinal manipulation is gaining widespread attention due to growing emphasis on treatment and cost effectiveness.  Research is showing that not only is chiropractic far less expensive than traditional health care, but it actually is more effective and treats more ailments than originally thought.

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