Driver’s Ed students in a car on I-15 thought that Tuesday afternoon would bring one more quiet drive with their instructor on the way to their driver’s licenses.  However, the day brought tragedy with it.  As the driver’s ed vehicle was attempting to make a left hand turn on to Route 13 it pulled out infront of 77-year-old Virginia Goodrich and.  Goodrich T-boned the vehicle.   Unfortunately she did not have her seat belt fastened and she sustained critical injuries which led to her death in the hospital a short time later.  The three people in the driver’s ed car received only minor injuries. (read more)

Injuries like those sustained by the late Mrs. Goodrich are life threatening.  Loss of blood, broken bones, significant damage to major arteries and tissues are the major injuries that one immediately notices after the accident.  But, are there injuries that can be sustained that aren’t visible that are just as dangerous.  Dr. Dirk Woodmansee of the Midvalley Chiropractic Clinic says, “Unlike a broken bone where a simple x-ray can validate the presence of the fracture and standards of care can direct a health care professional as to the best way in which to handle the injury, whiplash injuries involve an unpredictable combination of nervous system, muscles joints and connective tissue disruption that is not simple to diagnose and can be even more of a challenge to treat.” (read more)

Symptoms can manifest themselves from minutes to months after an accidnet.  The spine houses the central nervous system, and thus the communication system between the nerves through your whole body and the brian.  It is vital for this communication system to be functioning correctly in order for your body to heal. To find out what you need to do to make sure your spine is healthy after a car accident contact Dr. Dirk today for a free consulation.  It’s your life… live it in health!