Many people wonder what Chiropractic care actually is.  It is a number of things, but one of the things we want to stress most is that just because you don’t feel any symptoms, doesn’t mean that you’re totally healthy.  You know that you need to treat your body well and not wait until you hurt before you decide to take care of it. Tragic experience relates that cancer can be growing in your body before you even know it exists, hence we need to be as preventative as possible.  Health is not merely the absence of disease anymore than wealth is the absence of poverty. Health is a life style and a mentality.  

Chiropractic treatment is dedicated to enriching your life by teaching you habits and exercises that are conducive to spinal health. The body naturally heals itself by taking inventory of its many systems and then sending problematic information to the brain by way of the central nervous system. The spine houses the central nervous system and therefore relies on proper balance and coordination of its communication paths to function correctly. A healthy spine is vital to the health of the rest of your body.  If there is a disruption in the flow of information to and from the brain you are left with serious health challenges.

The majority of car accident victims deal with this problem.  The force of two cars colliding can seriously damage the spine and by default the nervous system without leaving any trace of damage.  If you have been in a car accident we recommend that you see a chiropractor immediately to determine if there are unseen injuries.  Salt Lake experienced car accident injury  doctor, Dr. Dirk Woodmansee is one of the leading professionals helping car accident victims identify and solve spinal nervous system disruptions and is dedicated to helping you.  For a free consultation and X-ray contact us today.