It has been some time since posting on this blog site, many new developments in our practice in the treatment of auto accident victims have taken place. It seems to me that options of treatment for accident victims can be broken down to three major categories: Chemical – the medical profession notoriously uses medicine to fix a physical problem within injured tissues. Auto accident victims have unique injuries with deeper than chemical problems. Second, functional rehab- ie: physical therapy. I believe that functional rehab is very important in the overall outcome of injury and pain improvement, however if physical and structural damage has occurred then how will building abnormal structures help in the long term healing of auto accident related injuries. Third and the focus of our next several blogs, is structural improvement specific to injuries obtain in an auto collision. I will outline hopefully what is normal in the spinal structure, and how those structures get damaged specifically in an auto accident.

How do you choose a chiropractor who will treat and evaluate your entire injury? How much damage will be done to me by that injury? These are the questions I will answer over the next several blogs.