A young man named “Jerry”, from the Seattle Washington area, fell victim to an accident that was no fault of his own.  The accident resulted in serious back and neck injuries that were long lasting, and affected his work.  Time away from work meant less money, and the longer Jerry spent away from work meant more money he was spending on treatment so he could get back on the job.  On the brink of settling his personal injury case, the defense counsel found videos and photos of Jerry snowboarding on his face-book account.  As soon as the insurance adjustor saw the evidence Jerry’s injuries were devalued by $20,000, money he otherwise would have had to pay off his hefty medical bills.  (To read more about this, click here: Social Networking Article)  

If you have been in a Utah car accident that resulted in neck and back injuries no matter whose fault it is, you deserve to be fully restored to your normal health condition before the accident happened.  Be careful not to allow social networks like face book, twitter, my-space, etc… destroy your ability to pay for the care you need.  Be cautious about what you put out in the public internet domain.  There is no limit to what insurance companies will do to dig up information against you so that they don’t have to pay for the care that is rightfully yours. 

West Jordan, Utah accident and Injury doctor, Dirk Woodmansee, DC, is an experienced professional in helping car accident victims fully recover from neck and back injuries.   For a free massage and consultation after your accident, contact him at (801) 562-1531. Get the help you need, don’t let insurance companies limit your ability to heal!