Here are the Midvalley Chiropractic Clinic we treat many clients who are victims of car accidents. Unfortunately we have noticed that a lot of these accidents could have been avoided by driving a little slower. While the National Association for Traffic Control has documented that the large majority of accidents happen with sunny skies and clear roads, slick roads do not add to Driver Safety.

The KSL News documented the number of accidents that took place yesterday during the big storm that hit Utah. Highway Patrolmen Lundell commented that “there were three crashes, with seven cars involved.  They all happened separately, because people don’t know how to slow down. The problem was everybody saw the other cars, they’d jam on the brakes and slide into the wall.”  UHP Lt. Lee Parry said “Everyone is speeding too fast for the conditions.  The snow is not coming down heavy, not sticking, so the plows can’t scrape anything.  They are just driving at or above the speed limit.”

The common message from the Highway Patrol seems to be that the majority of accidents could be avoided simply by slowing down under the speed limit, and increasing the distance between cars.  Colliding with another vehicle or wall can cause severe whiplash injuries, and symptoms can manifest themselves from seconds after the accident to months after.  If you or a loved one has been involved in one of these unfortunate car accidents, come in today for a free consultation and keep minor injuries from turning into major injuries.  It’s your life… live it in health!