Utah has been working on a large No Texting and Driving Campaign since recent legislation was passed making it illegal. The Deseret News reports that despite all the advertising and education teens don’t seem to be getting it. The percentage of deaths and accidents resulting for text messaging has not decreased at all.

Several states have put a ban on texting and driving, but have labeled it a misdemeanor. Popular opinion says the penalty isn’t tough enough considering the facts.  Utah legislator, Lyle Hillyard, told New York Times that texting is a willful act of negligence similar to drinking and driving. The new statute passed into Utah law in May states that being caught texting and driving could land you up to three months in jail.

If you have young teenagers at home we would like to encourage that you sit down and discuss the serious nature of texting and driving at home. The more we can do in the home to reinforce driving safety the more we can enjoy healthy family life. Losing a loved one to simple negligence just isn’t worth it. It’s your life…live it in health.