As winter comes on it is important to remember that many more little accidents tend to happen because of ice.  Many different sources report that the number one cause of accidents is snow and by extension ice.  Too often we are just trying to reach our destination safely and slips and slides occur whether they be our own fault or not.  As this is a realitye we would like to caution people on whiplash injuries.

 Whiplash injuries can be a great deception to many.  The impact of a auto collision may be minimal and lead victims to believe that due to the small nature of the accident no injury could have been incurred.  This is a myth! Any auto collision, regardless of how small it may be, can result in neck and back injuries. When two cars collide the force of impact jolts the body into unfamiliar positions and directions.  When this occurs the neck muscles automatically stiffen up to stabilize the head allowing it to continue to react to the accident. If the body continues to experience jolting it can result in tearing, or over extension of the muscles. Symptoms can manifest themselves anywhere from immediately after the accident to months after.  Just because you don’t immediately experience any pain or stiffness does not mean that you haven’t suffered an injury.

Unfortunately at the Midvalley Chiropractic Clinic we constantly get patients that come in months after their car accidents claiming they didn’t know they were injured until one morning the pain really set in.  Sadly waiting to see a physician can aggravate injuries and in some cases cause permanent damage.  If you or a loved one has recently been in an accident come in for your free consultation and x-ray today to ensure that all is well.  It’s your life.  Live it in health!