Recent advertising has brought to light  several statements that need a little clarification in the public eye. Many doctors have started to make bold claims that they are “Specialists” at auto accidents. So, for my readers I would like to clarify what the word “Auto Accident Specialist” really means.
To be called a specialist in the medical profession you must have credentials that have earned and given you by an “accredited medical or chiropratic” school. For example: DABCO (Diplomate American Board of Chiropractic Orthopedics) would be a designated specialty by the profession. Board Certified Medical Radiologist (which we use in our office to review our x -rays) are medical doctor’s who have recieved from a college or “accredited” board that designation indicating they have met a specific criteria in the profession to be designated “specialists”.
The question that should be considered by all consumers is: “Who accredited them?” and “What standards have they met to obtain this status of specialist?”. In the cases I am referring to it should be noted that a course that has been completed on weekends and not “accredited” through a chiropractic school (an accredited organization) should not be able to mislead the public by deem themselves as specialists.
Does experience alone make you an “Auto Accident Specialist”? The answer is no! If it did then I might qualify: I have been treating injuries directly or indirectly related to auto accidents for approximately 12 years and currently treat about 70 percent of my practice as auto accident patients. We utilize physiotherapy, exercises, chiropractic treatments, cold laser treatments, and other modalities and tools to get people well. Further at our office if chiropractic is not for you, we will refer you to the specialist and other treating doctor’s you need to get you well!!
Keep you guard up when someone who claims to be an “Auto Accident Specialist” or “Utah Auto Accident Specialist”. Make sure some credentials follow that designation, and in the State of Utah in order to make a claim of certification the organization must be listed in the advertisement in order for our profession to consider it ethical and therefore legal to make such statements. (see, for a list of Ethical Standards layed out by the UCPA (Utah Chiropractic Physcians Association)
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