The Salt Lake Tribune reported a heart wrenching story about a little named Ashley from Vernal. Ashley’s mom dropped her off at school just across from the building.  Ashley got to the cross walk looked both ways and when she thought it was clear when running into the road.  As she ran into the road a car headed south bound hit and killed her. (Read More)

The tragedy comes as a devastating blow to the family and to the community.  Doctors informed her parents that because of the nature of the brain injury that caused her death she fell into a category of 2% of child accident victims that qualify to give many of their organs to save the lives of many other children due to the size of the organs they need.  Ashley’s family wholeheartedly agreed to the Organ donation saying, “She would have give them to another child.” “Going through the pain of losing a child, if we can help prevent that or if Ashley can help prevent that, it’s just be awesome.”

The hearts of the staff at Midvalley Chiropractic Clinic go out to this family on this tragic occasion.  Ashley was a young child with a vigor for life that seemed to impact all those around her.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to this family and friends as they grieve through this difficult time.