Pediatric Spine Care An Option For Newborns

A mother goes to tremendous lengths during her pregnancy to ensure her newborn’s health and might consider pediatric spine care for her new child.  She eats right, she avoids drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and educates herself on child health care. To summarize, a mother does everything in her power to make sure her child has a happy, healthy life. Pediatric spine care is just one method that can be used for that.

The Importance For Pediatric Spine Care

Pediatric Spine CareBut did you know how important it is to have your baby’s spine checked?  As a newborn starts life his growth depends on normal functioning communication between the nerves through his body and the brain.  The spine houses the headquarters of that communication, its called the central nervous system.  Any interruption between the communication of the nerves and the brain can cause serious growth defects, health problems, colic, torticollis, sleeping disorders, difficulty breast feeding, and the list goes on. These are just some of the reasons for pediatric spine care.

To help your child get the best start in his new life, contact Utah Doctor of Chiropractic. We not only recommend that you have your child’s spine checked, but have his heart checked, and his hearing checked.  Having your child’s spine checked by a physician trained in pediatric spine care after he’s born can make the difference between a great start and a difficult one.  It’s your child’s life… help him live it in health, and pediatric spine care is a good start!