Whiplash Chiropractor In West Jordan Utah

Everybody talks about whiplash, but what that exactly is, is explained here by Whiplash Chiropractor in West Jordan Utah, Dr Dirk Woodmansee?  What is whiplash? Is it a serious injury that I should be concerned about if I’m in an accident?  These are both excellent questions, and unfortunately are topics that are not clearly answered by many. Dr Woodmansee is a chiropractor in West Jordan that has those answers. Whiplash is a the hyperextension or hyperflexion of the neck.  Forward-flexion and backwards-extension generally results in soft tissue sprain/strain injury to the neck and upper back. If you have been in a car accident in Utah and are looking for an experienced whiplash chiropractor in West Jordan that can treat you properly for your particular injuries, you have come to the right place.

Whiplash symptoms manifest themselves in a number of ways.  These are just a few: neck pain, tenderness, aches, muscle spasm in the neck, inability to move your head like normal, post-traumatic headaches (migraines, muscle tension head aches), hand and finger pain (numbness and tingling), blurred vision, difficulty swallowing, balance problems, dizziness, post-traumatic depression, and cognitive problems.

Whiplash Chiropractor In West Jordan Talks Explains How Whiplash Should Be Treated

Treatment of whiplash injuries must focus on tissue rehabilitation and not solely on pain relief. This kind of treatment requires patient involvement in certain exercises and stretches.  The absence of active patient participation significantly increases continual or chronic symptoms.  The treatment must be consistent and continual.  Chiropractic is highly successful when compared to other types of health care because chiropractors zero-in on injured muscle rehabilitation to restore bio-mechanics, and optimal function.  The worst thing you can do is go unchecked and let your injuries get worse and continue to damage the rest of your health. Whiplash chiropractor in West Jordan, Dirk Woodmansee will create a personalized plan for each patient to make sure that proper treatment takes place.

Retired Brigadier General Rebecca Halstead commented on Fox & Friends about the success of the chiropractic method, “chiropractic helps our soldiers maintain – sustain – their whole physical statures… its a whole new war out there.”  To find out how successful chiropractic can be in treating your whiplash injuries, contact Utah Whiplash Injury Doctor, Dirk Woodmansee, at 801-562-1531 today to schedule your free same day consultation with the best chiropractor in West Jordan, Utah.