Low Back Pain Part I


Low Back Pain Chiropractor In West Jordan Utah Explains Reasons For Back Pain If you are seeking a low back pain chiropractor in West Jordan Utah, you have come to the right place. Low back

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Low Back Pain


Utah Back Pain Physician Dr Dirk Woodmansee Talks About Causes In his recent published work, Low Back Pain, Part I, Utah back pain physician, Dr. Woodmansee, stated that 80% of people in the United States

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Low Back Pain


Did you know that 80% of Americans have suffered or will suffer from back pain in their life.  In fact it's the #1 cause of missed work in America.  So, what causes back pain, and

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Back Pain. No.1 Work Killer In America


The American Chiropractic Association reports the number one reason for missed work in America is back pain? They also report that the majority of causes for back pain are non-organic, meaning they are unnatural. While

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