Health Care Reform and Chiropractic


President Barak Obama made his first stop after signing the recent Health Care Reform legislation into Law yesterday.  His stop was at the University of Iowa.  Many business owners and health care providers were in

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What can Dr. Dirk Do for you?


Dr. Woodmansee has had such a wide range of success with his patients that it continually expands the scope of what Chiropractic can do for the human body.  Take a look at what a few

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Do you have back Pain?


Did you know that back pain is the #1 cause of missed work in America?  More people miss work for back injuries, back pain, and back treatment than any other injury or irritation in the

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The uncomparable benefits of chiropractic care!


The Herald News reported a case study that shows the supremacy of chiropractics in certain fields as opposed to others.  This was study involved treating medium to severe headaches of a 13 year old male. 

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Does Whiplash Cause Back Pain


I found this description and plea for help surfing the internet earlier this week in a forum for back pain. This description is a text book example of why it is so necessary for car

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Commonly Asked Questions


Every day 102 people are killed and 6000 people are injured in car accidents according to Federal highway statistics.  According to the Federal Government the high number of daily injuries caused by car accidents means

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