West Jordan Chiropractor Speaks on New Babies


Pediatric Spine Care An Option For Newborns A mother goes to tremendous lengths during her pregnancy to ensure her newborn's health and might consider pediatric spine care for her new child.  She eats right, she

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What Government has to say about Chiropractic!


Take a look at this video about 3 reports that have been published in three different government agencies about the effective use of chiropractic.  The government agencies created panels of various types of physicians and

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Chiropractic Solves Blood Pressure Problems!


Do you find yourself exhausted and stressed out running around picking up kids, paying bills, paying taxes, working and all the other responsibilities that come with adult life?  So did Adrian Caspar.  Adrian, an accountant

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Commonly Asked Questions


How Does Chiropractic Work? Chiropractic work by restoring your body's natural ability to be healthy.  When under the control of your nervous system, all the cells, tissues, and organs of your body naturally resist disease

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How does Chiropractic benefit the whole family?


How do infants benefit from Chiropractic Care? Chiropractic for infants? They have low back pain? Hardly - yet infants need chiropractic care to ensure that the stress of labor and delivery hasn't damaged their spine

How does Chiropractic benefit the whole family?2020-01-15T12:08:44-07:00

Can Chiropractics solve ADHD problems?


Dr. Mallika Marshall of WBZ News shows how chiropractics can significantly change the life of children and adults who suffer with ADHD. Dr. Ned Hallowell, ADHD specialist gives his stamp in discussing alternative treatment that

Can Chiropractics solve ADHD problems?2020-01-15T12:08:44-07:00
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